Long before 2020, Elemoro Muyideen has been dreaming about how to reach out to couples and others with marital status, surprisingly, with diverse marital challenges. Having observed with surprise, many issues contingent upon marriages, he thought of a way out. With profound research and discussions with the experienced ones in marriage, he concluded that a considerable quantum of the challenges inherent in marriage lives is not without a solution. Notwithstanding the possibility of problems that are peculiar in nature, the chances to proffer reliable advice toward solutions are relatively bright. But then, his obligation as a civil servant remains a barrier.  Consequently, he stylishly engaged himself as a part-time blogger.


Precisely in 2020, the dream to reach out to people with marital challenges became brighter.  With the conviction that his ideas, experience, and research could enhance the comfort of living together as husband and wife, hence the need for the ideal way to usher it to the appropriate people that desire the efforts. In a way, Ramdot solution cannot operate in isolation of devices or means through which its concepts and suggestions can be made known to the public. On this note, Elemoro Muyideen considered blogging as a sure and reliable means of exhibiting his endeavor to the concern and potential ones.  In addition, the necessity to operate via Social media becomes relevant.

Our Services

Our services are meant for the people within the category of marital status, potential couples, individuals, groups of individuals, and institutions seeking advice, ideas, and discussions/publications on marital and relevant topics.

Our services

  • To share marital experiences with young couples through publication on various issues that bother marriage.
  • We make available suggestions and advice on how best to handle or manage tough and peculiar issues, in and around marriages in order to enhance intimacies of domestic relations.
  • We offer a robust and efficient discursion via publication, on the relationship between couples and siblings and in-laws.

At Ramdot solution, standard and classical discussions on Lifestyles and their implication on marriages are given adequate consideration.


No marriage is free of one challenge or the other, hence the need to establish a customized way to resolve issues in our own way, without necessarily engaging the involvement of a third party under normal circumstances. Our advice has been working in this direction. Many couples have testified that the concept has strengthened their marital relationship and consequently edged out intruders. However, resolving marital differences is not usually easy, particularly when no one is willing and ready to sacrifice his/her pride. To be proactive and tender, a sincere apology goes a long way to resolving issues.

Our Vision

We desire, ultimately, to ensure that those familiar and uncommon marital challenges that bedevil marriages are, effectively, handled by the affected couples possible without a third party.

Our Mission

Random solution basically exists to support lovers and couples to consolidate existing relationships, otherwise to proffer advice and suggest lasting solutions for the benefit of those in the quest for a way out of marriage difficulties.

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